serious: of an action or occupation: requiring earnest thought; characterized by careful consideration and application; performed with sincerity.

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戊戌 2018

first principles:

Yin Yang

The interplay of yin and yang is always evident, sometimes even obvious, in any situation you can describe. As much as we would sometimes like to think of ourselves as separate, the lesson here is that we only exist in relationship.

5 Agents

The 5 Agents, also known as 5 Elements or Wu Xing are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal & Water. Together they make up a dynamic, interdependent system of support, control and exhaustion. A change in one changes all five.

Ba Gua

The Early Heaven Bagua is a map of the primordial order. The Later Heaven Bagua is a map of the manifested order on Earth. The trigrams precede the Yi Jing and are paired to form the hexagrams within it. Each hexagram gives information or instructions which can be read as a divination.


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